Festive Reads is a series of annual read-a-thons created and hosted by Olivia at Brewing Up Books and Kathy at The Novelty of Life.

Festive Reads prides itself on providing a non-intimidating read-a-thon environment that promotes a love of a reading, rather than pressuring participants to compete for greatest number of pages/books read within a set span of time.  Participants are encouraged to set realistic goals that correspond with individual availability as well as reading preferences and capabilities.  Festive Reads is a judgment-free zone that is supportive of all readers, from avid marathoners to the occasional beach reader.

Festive Reads consists of four holiday-centered read-a-thons:

  • Catching Cupid Read-A-Thon
  • Bookish Bunny Read-A-Thon
  • All Hallows’ Read
  • Reindeer Reads

Each read-a-thon lasts for seven days, beginning on Sunday at 12:01am EST and ending on Saturday at 11:59pm EST.

Participants are asked to sign-up via a sign-up post several days prior to the start of an upcoming read-a-thon.  Sign-ups will remain open for the entire duration of the read-a-thon, allowing readers to join at any point.

Once a read-a-thon has started, all participants will be invited to share their reading progress via a daily blog post, booktube video, instagram photo, goodreads update, etc.  Participants who post a total of seven daily updates over the course of a read-a-thon will be eligible for the Ultimate Prize drawing.  Ultimate Prizes will be awarded to three randomly selected participants who meet this criteria.

Additionally, during each day of the read-a-thon, a blogger will be designated to hold a bookish, holiday-themed challenge.  The specific challenge instructions will be posted on his/her personal blog.  The schedule of challenge hosts changes with every read-a-thon and will be specified within each sign-up post.  Winners will be selected for each daily challenge at the discretion of the challenge host and awarded a variety of bookish prizes.

Upcoming Read-A-Thons:

  • Reindeer Reads ’16: 12/25/16 – 12/31/16
  • Catching Cupid Read-A-Thon ’17: 2/12/17 – 2/18/17
  • Bookish Bunny Read-A-Thon ’17: 4/16/17 – 4/22/17
  • All Hallows’ Read ’17: 10/29/17 – 11/4/17
  • Reindeer Reads ’17: 12/24/17 – 12/30/17
  • Catching Cupid Read-A-Thon ’18: 2/11/18 – 2/17/18
  • Bookish Bunny Read-A-Thon ’18: 4/1/18 – 4/7/18
  • All Hallows’ Read ’18: 10/28/18 – 11/3/18
  • Reindeer Reads ’18: 12/23/18 – 12/29/18